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Speed. Ease. Even, textured coverage. The Gorilla Application Spray Gun is the convenient way to achieve a professional truck bed liner finish from your own driveway. This all-metal, durable applicator gun is designed so that your bottles of Gorilla Professional Truck Bed Liner simply screw right in. Prep your surfaces, grab your bed liner, and enjoy even coverage with smooth trigger action putting you fully in control of your application process.
  • Our Gorilla Application Spray Gun is specifically-designed to apply our Gorilla Professional Bed Liner
  • This option does require the use of an airline

Prepare Your Surfaces

  1. Start by making sure that your workspace is well-ventilated. Use appropriate protective gear, including gloves, glasses, a spray suit, and a mask.
  2. Clear any loose debris and dirt from your truck bed (or other surface).
  3. Using warm soapy water, wash your truck bed. Allow it to dry. 
  4. Sand your truck bed with P80-P180 grit sandpaper to ensure a consistent, smooth surface and help the liner stick. 
  5. Cover anything in the area that you don’t want to apply product to. 
  6. De-grease your working surface, and let it dry thoroughly. 

Activate the Gorilla Professional Truck Bed Liner

  1. Measure out the hardener in the provided cup.
  2. Pour the hardener into one of the four bottles of liner base. 
  3. Carefully replace the cap on the liner base and tighten it. 
  4. Shake the liner base bottle vigorously for two minutes. 
  5. When the first bottle of bed liner is empty, repeat steps 1-4 to prepare the next bottle

Apply with the Gorilla Application Spray Gun

  1. Screw your bottle of prepared liner base into your applicator gun.
  2. Make sure that your applicator gun is connected to a reliable airline. 
  3. Hold the gun about 18” from the truck bed. Depress the trigger, and spray the product in a sweeping motion onto the truck bed.
  4. Once you’ve applied an even first coat, allow the surface to dry for 30-60 minutes. 
  5. Once 30-60 minutes have passed, repeat step 3 to apply the second coat.
  6. Allow the surface to cure for 24-48 hours before light use and 3-5 days before heavy use.


Work in a well-ventilated area.

Test spraying the product on a bit of cardboard before applying to your truck.

Try spraying at different PSIs to find the texture that you like. For a standard texture, use 60 PSI. For a coarser texture, try 45 PSI.

Start application at the top of your truck bed (toward the cab) and work toward the tailgate.

Apply the second coat from a further distance (25”) and increase to 65-70 PSI to get a more even finish.